About Pharmicure

Buy Medicines Online.. Its easy as it’s Name

Pharmicure is an online medicine provider. We have started this with an aim to facilitate the purchase of medicines effortlessly. No more waiting in front of medicine shops, the customers will get the prescribed medicines at their doorsteps either through self delivery or courier service. This will create a better relationship between the pharmacy and it's customers. All the drugs supplied by pharmicies will have a long shelf life and a valid invoice will be provided along with the delivered medicines.

How it works?

  • Initially upload us your prescription of the required medicines.
  • Else select online from the list of medicines and add it to your Medi Basket.
  • Our pharmacists will identify, examine and update your prescription in the very next moment.
  • Verify and make the payment, you will be notified regarding status of the delivery.

We made it simple and trouble free for you to connect with pharmacies for making your purchase of medicine online.